All Genres:
Release Year: 2011
Runtime: 106
Rating: (0)
Languages: English
Director: John Singleton
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • What if your entire life was a lie?
  • The fight for the truth will be the fight of his life.

  • Writing by: Shawn Christensen – (written by)

    Produced by: Jeremy Bell – executive producer
    Doug Davison – producer
    Ellen Goldsmith-Vein – producer
    Anthony Katagas – executive producer
    Anthony Katagas – line producer
    Dan Lautner – producer
    Roy Lee – producer
    Gabriel Mason – executive producer
    Lee Stollman – producer

    Cast: Jake Andolina – CIA Man
    Oriah Acima Andrews – Riah
    Ken Arnold – Thermal
    Maria Bello – Mara
    Steve Blass – Game Announcer
    Derek Burnell – Hot Dog Vendor
    Benjamin J. Cain Jr. – Driver (as Ben Cain)
    Holly Scott Cavanuagh – Mrs. Murphy
    Radick Cembrzynski – Kozlow's Tech
    Richard Cetrone – Gregory
    Mike Clark – News Reporter

    Music: Ed Shearmur
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    Plot Outline:

    The story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.


    A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

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    The “Peter Brand” character was originally going to be named Paul DePodesta, who was Billy Beane's assistant at the time (he later served as Dodgers' GM and was employed by the Mets at the time of the film's release). Demetri Martin was originally cast for this role. However, DePodesta, who visited the set, objected to his portrayal as a pure stats nerd, and so the character name was changed. By the time this was done, Jonah Hill had been cast in the role.

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    Category: 40
    All Genres: Crime, Drama
    Release Year: 1975
    Country: USA
    Runtime: 95
    Rating: (0)
    Languages: English
    Director: Joseph Zito
    Sound: Mono

  • They turned her body and her mind against her!
  • The All-American Girl who became the most wanted woman in America.
  • Victim or fugitive?

  • Writing by: Kent E. Carroll – writer
    Harrison James – novel "Black Abductors"

    Produced by: Kent E. Carroll – producer

    Cast: Judith-Marie Bergan – Patricia
    David Pendleton – Dory
    Gregory Rozakis – Frank
    Leif Erickson – Prescott
    Dorothy Malone – Mrs. Prescott
    Lawrence Tierney – FBI Agent
    Presley Caton – Angie
    Catherine Lacy – Carol
    Andrew Rohrer – Michael
    Andrew Bloch – Jake
    Pat Hernon – Newscaster

    Music: Robbie Farrow Ronald Frangipane
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Daughter of a wealthy family is kidnapped by left wing terrorists.
    Plot: Based, loosely, on the story of Patty Hearst's kidnappings by the SLA. The daughter of wealthy businessman is taken hostage by a gang of radical black revolutionaries. While she fears for her life at first, she gradually starts to become sympathetic to her kidnappers' cause, and eventually considers herself to be one of them. When the police finally find her, will they bring her back to her family, or lock her up in jail?

    Movie Quotes: Jeannie: You just storm back in there and get my tutu.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    During the first season, excerpts for each week's episode were incorporated into the opening credits, which was something of a Gerry Anderson trademark.

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    Continuity: In The pilot episode, both Starsky and Hutch jump/fall into a swimming pool. A close-up of Starsky in the water shows him in his blue shirt without his sweater, and his gun in his right hand. But the next cut to him shows him standing up out of the water with his sweater back on, and his gun in his left hand.

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