Category: Drama
All Genres: Drama, History
Release Year: 2011
Country: China, USA
Runtime: 120
Rating: (0)
Languages: English
Director: Wayne Wang
Sound: Dolby

  • Oh Pooh.
  • WTP?
  • An all-new story brought to life on the big screen
  • Back where they belong. In theaters everywhere.

  • Writing by: Angela Workman – (screenplay) and
    Ronald Bass – (screenplay) (as Ron Bass) and
    Michael Ray – (screenplay) (as Michael K. Ray)
    Lisa See – (novel)

    Produced by: Jessinta Liu – co-producer
    Andrew Loo – co-producer
    Wendi Murdoch – producer
    Ted Perkins – associate producer
    Hugo Shong – executive producer
    Florence Sloan – producer

    Cast: Russell Wong – Bank CEO
    Bingbing Li – Nina / Lily
    Archie Kao – Sebastian
    Gianna Jun – Snow Flower / Sophia
    Coco Chiang – Anna
    Hu Qing Yun – Mrs. Liao
    Shi Ping Cao – Mr. Wei
    Ruijia Zhang – Mrs. Wei
    Vivian Wu – Aunt
    Zhebing Gong – Professor
    Lilia Zhou – Nurse

    Music: Rachel Portman
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline:

    A story set in 19th century China and centered on the lifelong friendship between two girls who develop their own secret code as a way to contend with the rigid cultural norms imposed on women.

    Plot: In 19th-century China, seven year old girls Snow Flower and Lily are matched as laotong – or "old sames" – bound together for eternity. Isolated by their families, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan. In a parallel story in present day Shanghai, the laotong's descendants, Nina and Sophia, struggle to maintain the intimacy of their own childhood friendship in the face of demanding careers, complicated love lives, and a relentlessly evolving Shanghai. Drawing on the lessons of the past, the two modern women must understand the story of their ancestral connection, hidden from them in the folds of the antique white silk fan, or risk losing one another forever.

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