Category: Drama
All Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
Release Year: 2011
Country: USA
Runtime: 138
Rating: (0)
Languages: English
Director: Terrence Malick
Sound: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital

  • Prepare for the return of awesomeness.
  • Ska2oosh!

  • Writing by: Terrence Malick – (written by)

    Produced by: Nigel Ashcroft – natural history producer
    Ivan Bess – associate producer
    Greg Eliason – natural history producer
    Dede Gardner – producer
    Nicolas Gonda – associate producer
    Sarah Green – producer
    Grant Hill – producer
    Susan Kirr – line producer
    Brad Pitt – producer
    Bill Pohlad – producer (as William Pohlad)
    Donald Rosenfeld – executive producer
    Paula Mae Schwartz – co-executive producer
    Steve Schwartz – co-executive producer
    Sandhya Shardanand – associate producer

    Cast: Brad Pitt – Mr. O'Brien
    Sean Penn – Jack
    Jessica Chastain – Mrs. O'Brien
    Hunter McCracken – Young Jack
    Laramie Eppler – R.L.
    Tye Sheridan – Steve
    Fiona Shaw – Grandmother
    Jessica Fuselier – Guide
    Nicolas Gonda – Mr. Reynolds
    Will Wallace – Architect
    Kelly Koonce – Father Haynes

    Music: Alexandre Desplat
    Official Website: Visit Website


    The story centers around a family with three boys in the 1950s. The eldest son witnesses the loss of innocence.

    Goofs: We know about 1 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Continuity: The plane to Bangkok is seen flying with four jet engines, when it lands, it is considerably smaller and only has two jet engines.

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    The Tree of Life


    Category: 15
    All Genres: Documentary, Short
    Release Year: 1976
    Country: Mexico
    Runtime: 29
    Rating: (0)
    Languages: English
    Director: Pacho Lane
    Sound: Dolby

  • A Daring Experience in Open Sexuality
  • Something is happening in America!

  • Writing by: Karl Kozak – story

    Produced by: Bill Bragg – co-producer
    Paul Cammarata – associate producer
    Gary Dubie – executive producer
    Joel Eisenberg – co-executive producer
    Michael Gonzales – executive producer
    Mark Hall – associate producer
    Karl Kozak – producer
    Victor Lou – producer
    Jeffrey T. Slovin – associate producer

    Cast: David Coburn – Alan Rigatelli
    Corey Michael Blake – Nick Rigatelli
    Kate Parselle – Sarah Franklin
    Michael McCafferty – Andrew Rigatelli
    Julie McKee – Maria
    Natalie Williams – Julie
    D. Candis Paule – Elizabeth Rigatelli
    Bruno Campolo – Leon
    Ben Gleib – Homeless kid
    Myra McWethy – Receptionist
    Michael Moerman – Dad

    Music: Scott Harper
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: THE TREE OF LIFE (29 min) The Tree Of Life grows In the Land of Mystery: There we were created; There we were born…
    Plot: THE TREE OF LIFE (29 min) The Tree Of Life grows In the Land of Mystery: There we were created; There we were born. There He by whom all things live Spins the thread of our lives. “Los Voladores” (the Flyers) is a 1500 year-old rite sacred to Quetzalcoatl, the Morning Star. From its origins on the Gulf coast of Mexico, the ritual spread throughout Mesoamerica: a special square was reserved for it in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, and a variant is still known among the Quiche' Maya in Guatemala. Today “Los Voladores” is best known in its original home in the Huasteca region, especially among the Totonac, who have lived in the area for millenia. The version shown in the film is from Huehuetla, in the Sierra Norte de Puebla. The film opens with images from the Nuttall, Laud, and other Codices, and poetry from “Cantares Mexicanos”, a collection of pre-hispanic Nahuatl verse from Texcoco. At the home of the Volador Captain, we watch the preparation of the characteristic seven-branched wax candles, crowned with a representation of the Volador pole (a mayordomia obligation, part of the cargo system). Intercut with the candle-making, children learn the ritual of the Voladores by re-enacting it from start to finish. In the forest, the Voladores bless the tree chosen for the rite. The tree is felled and dragged by 300 Totonacs along mule trails into the village, where it is wrapped with vines and raised entirely by hand to its new place in the churchyard. Preparations are completed as the Voladores bring the hub, the sacred symbol of dynamic change (Olin), from its place at their home altar, set it on the tip of the pole, and thread the ropes which will bear them on their flight carefully through the hub and around the pole. Dressed in costumes drawn from 18th-century European models, the Voladores join the statue of San Salvador, the Risen Savior, in the fiesta procession. As the capitan of the Voladores dances on the narrow bub, high above the flagstones, other dance groups perform: Huehues, Quetzales, San Migueles, and Negritos. Then the Voladores descend head down, arms spread, in a slow spiral, to the sound of drum and flute… Combining ritual, dance, music, poetry, and art, “THE TREE OF LIFE” is a meditation on the mystery at the heart of human life. It calls us to keep the world in balance with our lives. You have become the Tree of Life. Dying, you have been born again. Swaying, you spread your branches And stand before the Giver of all life. In your boughs our home shall be: We will be your flowers. Awards: First Prize, Festival of Films on Native Americans (Mexico); First Prize, International Festival on Culture & Psychiatry; First Prize, The American Film Festival; CINE Golden Eagle; Berlin & London Film Festivals, Musee de l'Homme, Smithsonian, Walker, MOMA, Museo Nacional de Antropologia. TV: US (PBS), Germany (ZDF), Japan (NHK), Sweden, Spain (RTE), and Mexico

    Movie Quotes: Nick Rigatelli: You're acting like Joey Budcfucco. What's a matter with Joey Budafucco?

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    After the final credits, young Tom and Dave are shown going into a tent and zipping themselves in.

    Goofs: We know about 3 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Factual errors: 'Doc' Holliday was a dentist, not a physician.

    Trivia: There are 1 entries in the trivia list – like these:

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